Good Samaritan’s ‘Amazing Actions’ Saved Woman From Cold, Paramedics Say

Elderly woman spotted Tuesday morning wandering along Uplands Drive in housecoat and socks

Ottawa paramedics say a woman in her 80s could have been seriously injured had a ‘Good Samaritan’ not spotted her wandering along Uplands Drive in freezing temperatures Tuesday morning.

Ottawa paramedics are praising a “Good Samaritan” who brought a woman in her 80s in from the freezing cold in south Ottawa Tuesday morning, potentially saving her from serious injuries.

In a news release, paramedics said a woman saw the elderly woman walking along Uplands Drive without winter clothing around 6:15 a.m. The woman was only wearing a housecoat and socks, according to Ottawa paramedics spokesperson Marc-Antoine Deschamps.

“Without the intervention of this Good Samaritan, the patient might have suffered serious injuries.”, Ottaw paramedics.

The Good Samaritan brought the woman home, gave her warm clothes and called 911.

Paramedics arrived with heating packs and took the elderly woman to hospital. She had suffered minor frostbite and hypothermia, but was in stable condition, paramedics said.

“Without the intervention of this Good Samaritan, the patient might have suffered serious injuries from the cold during the … frostbite advisory,” said paramedics in the release. The advisory has since ended.

“We would like to recognize the amazing actions of this citizen who did not hesitate to help a stranger in distress.”

Woman returned to family

Neither Ottawa paramedics nor police could explain why the elderly woman was outside without proper winter clothing, or where she had come from before she was spotted.

Audio from the dispatch calls, provided by Broadcastify, provides some information.

“Just wondering if you could notify police to see if they have any active missing people. We have an elderly female, no ID, approximately 80 years old. Speaks mainly Polish. And we have very little information at this time,” the dispatcher says on the recording.

According to the dispatcher, the elderly woman was taken into the Good Samaritan’s home near Paul Anka Drive.
Ottawa police spokesperson Const. Chuck Benoit said the woman had not been reported missing, and was later returned home to family nearby.

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