Like It Or Not, The Cannabis Sector Is Unstoppable, And It’s Just Getting Bigger

Many U.S. investors are seeking ways to invest in the emerging cannabis space, but think they may have missed out on the green rush. There are still prime opportunities to get in on pure cannabis plays right now. The profits in this space could be almost obscene for some companies and one in particular is poised to become the next giant. We break down MYM Nutraceuticals (CSE: MYM; OTC: MYMMF) and its exceptional efforts that are already paying off.

It’s sometimes hard to see the big picture. In the cannabis space, there is so much activity taking place right now that investors may feel a little overwhelmed. It’s no wonder… what with the chorus of Cannabis companies entering production and even the legislation governing cannabis’ use changing before our very eyes.

One thing is crystal clear: this is the age of opportunity for Cannabis and its investors. Just take a look at the projected growth following legalization of pot in Canada: (1)

That’s not to mention the global markets, including the growing legalized medical market in the United States.

If you’ve been through the rise of an emerging market like the early internet or the arrival of mobile technology, you know just how incredibly lucrative these situations can be. If not, prepare yourself for a wild ride.

Several major factors are about to set the Cannabis market on fire:

  • Legalization of Recreational Cannabis in Canada
  • Major funding from legitimate financial sources supporting global growth
  • Sophisticated research yielding scientific results validating Cannabis’ medicinal value
  • Professional business practices applied market wide

Based on these imminent events, several companies will expand at a near exponential rate, becoming long-term fixtures in the Cannabis industry and making many investors very wealthy.

We’ve singled out MYM Nutraceuticals (OTC: MYMMF) (CSE: MYM) as a lead contender in the Cannabis space based on its series of early achievements and the rapid pace of its advances. In the next stage of development, MYM is set to become the proverbial Next Big Thing.

Watch this short video to see some of the impressive projects MYM is currently working on:

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MYM Nutraceuticals: The Next Cannabis Giant in the Making

In the cannabis market there are mostly big companies and small companies. The small companies are quickly striking deals and rolling up into the big ones. The big companies are becoming giants. That’s exactly the vantage point of our feature company.

MYM Nutraceuticals Inc. is a well-positioned Cannabis company that’s been taking an integrated approach to the Cannabis market with a serious long-term perspective. In little over a year, the company has transformed its entire business and is on the path to becoming Canada’s largest producer of Cannabis.

That’s just for starters.

MYM has also become a leading integrated provider of branded products related to the natural cannabis nutraceuticals industry. This strategy, coupled with its strategic partnerships, international expansion and growth in revenue have vaulted MYM Nutraceuticals to a whole new league.

The Massive Cannabis Market Ahead

Based on the lead call by Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau this year to introduce legislation that will legalize recreational cannabis by July 2018, that country is gearing up for huge demand not previous seen. (2)

Researcher Deloitte expects that Canada’s legal weed market will grow to about CDN$8 to CDN $10 billion by 2025, not counting support and ancillary services. At that point, it will be larger than Canada’s market for alcohol. (Note)

This news has set Canada on a mission to quickly expand all current Cannabis operations and add new Licensed Producers as quickly as possible. The government is pushing for even more new licenses to accommodate growth.

Outside of Canada, the global market is also exploding.

Demand has grown dramatically in the U.S., Europe and Australia among licensed medicinal jurisdictions. According to researchers at New Frontier Data, they project that the cannabis industry will have created a whopping 283,422 jobs, grow to and generate $2.3 Billion in tax revenue—both by 2020.

The same study predicts that the sector as a whole will grow to $24.1 Billion by 2025. (3)

The cannabis market is a rolling juggernaut, producing a massive demand that shows no signs of slowing.

MYM on the Fast Track to Become the Single Largest Cannabis Producer

Through its subsidiary, Sublime Culture Inc., MYM Nutraceuticals (OTC: MYMMF) (CSE: MYM) is in the last stages of obtaining License Producer status under Health Canada’s Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR).

MYM Nutraceuticals has taken a brilliant tact to assemble what, upon completion, will be the largest group of Nutrient growing facilities in the world. The company has three projects that will bring its total growing capacity to over 625,000 square feet as early as 2019.

The projects include:

Weedon, Quebec: Its flagship project is a planned 1.5 million square foot growing facility in the town of Weedon, Quebec. Through its subsidiary, CannaCanada, the company is building what will be, at full capacity, the most productive Cannabis facility in the world by total output.

In its initial phase, the 300,000 square foot phase 1 will produce up to 30,000 kilograms of cannabis per year.

The facility has received whole-hearted endorsement by the local government in Weedon, which has reached a first-of-its-kind arrangement, whereby the city will provide the large land lease for the mega-facility in a co-venture with MYM Nutraceuticals. Weedon will provide MYM with 329 acres to expand on.

Laval Quebec: is a smaller by comparison, but will be MYM Nutraceuticals’ first operation to come online and begin harvesting. The company is completing the first phase of its production facility by the end of 2017. MYM Nutraceuticals’ planned extraction and processing department there will also house a cannabis product testing and research laboratory in partnership with TheraCann Canada – a leading ISO compliance testing firm.

Casino, South Wales, Australia: The Northern Rivers Project is a co-venture just reached between PUF Ventures and MYM Nutraceuticals for a 35% stake in a proposed 1.2 million square foot greenhouse and extraction facility in Casino, New South Wales, Australia. At full scale, the facility will have the capacity to produce 100,000 kilograms of high quality cannabis per year, worth between C$800 million and C$1.1 billion.

As with its Weedon project, MYM Nutraceuticals has invested with local government (PUF Australia is a government backed venture) to ensure its stability. (4)

Diversifying by Integrating Brands, Testing, R&D and Distribution

MYM Nutraceuticals is also diversifying across some the most lucrative cannabis segments.

High-margin Cannabidiol or CBD nutraceuticals is one of the fasted growing sectors in the medical cannabis industry and is expected to capture an early majority share of the global cannabis market.

Clinical research studies have demonstrated that CBD nutraceuticals have the potential to treat arthritis, MS, chronic pain, PTSD, depression, epilepsy and a myriad of other illnesses and disorders.

This is the major area for MYM Nutraceutical’s branded products. The company’s focus is developing high-end, organic medicinal marijuana supplements and topical products; hence the title nutraceuticals. These are products with safe, natural approaches to many different conditions or ailments not served by other products.

In its relatively short lifespan, MYM Nutraceutical has established multiple subsidiaries with products marketed under the Joshua Tree, MyHemp Skin Therapy, HempMed and Dr. Furbaby brands.

These companies develop and sell a variety of products including custom-made cannabis products with tailored CBD chemistries along with tinctures, concentrates and oils, edibles, vape products and pet care products carried by 74 retailers across Canada and online.

MYM Nutraceuticals also boats first-in-class R&D in developing the highest quality cannabis-based nutraceuticals.

The company’s planned extraction and processing department will house a cannabis product testing and research laboratory in partnership with TheraCann Canada, considered the “gold standard” in approved cannabis testing in Canada.

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Get Really Big Really Fast or Get Bought

It’s evident that the Cannabis market is undergoing a major maturation process. Whether recreational legalization in Canada falls in place by te self-imposed July 2018 deadline or not, a select group of producers  will become massive operations, growing thousands of kilograms of Cannabis annually to meet the legal demand.

MYM Nutraceuticals is in the slot to become one of the elite.

With maturity will come competition, and of course a lowering of prices. That’s typically followed by the obvious shake out that brings the best companies in line with the market. When that takes place, diversification will be a major differentiator.

In MYM Nutraceuticals favor, the company will likely be big enough and well diversified so as to be one of the players grabbing up the nascent cannabis companies or brands. That’s a simple way for MYM to expand its roll up and further its market lead in Canada and international markets.


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The Winners: Already Huge Gainers, Well Worth the Study

There have been some very big winners in the cannabis market this year. It would be hard to point out a single company, so we have selected the market’s elite group. These are the leading Canadian companies that analysts expect to become major fixtures of the industry. We point to them here as shining examples of the explosive potential for growth and profits in this emerging sector.

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Our Recommendation: MYM Gets Our Strongest BUY Rating

It is easy to get caught up in all the hype surrounding the cannabis market and get distracted. We have focused instead on important milestones by a company building a proven track record for successes.

Of the many cannabis companies we’ve come across over the last year, none of them to date have shown the kind of potential evident in MYM Nutraceuticals at such an early stage.

Just to recap, here’s what MYM has accomplished in an extremely short time period:

  • Negotiated three major agreements for growing facilities at Weedon and Laval, Quebec alongside Casino, Australia.
  • On track for total growing capacity of about 1.7 million square feet in Canada and 1.2 million square feet in Australia.
  • Launched it Quebec growing operation slated to begin with first harvest anticipated by end of 2017
  • Readied Phase two expansion at Laval, including extraction, R&D and product testing facility to begin in early 2018.
  • Kicked off revenue generation with branded products from sales projected to reach $2million this year.
  • Reached strategic partnerships with leader TheraCann Canada, PUF Ventures and others.
  • Established strong brand recognition and a network of global distribution channels.
  • Expanded to international markets with the addition of its Australian facilities and partners.
  • Secured financing to meet or exceed all immediate expansion needs into 2018.

All of these critical advances have come to fruition in little more than a year.

We suspect that has only been possible because of MYM Nutraceuticals’ experienced management group who have more than over 40 years of medical marijuana experience.

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau calls for the legalization of recreational marijuana by July 1, 2018.

Investors Need to Position Themselves Right Now. Here’s Why:

For investors looking for a direct way into the cannabis market, or simply catch the next major upswing in cannabis, this is a simple, direct path.

MYM Nutraceuticals is a pure cannabis play, working hands-on with all aspects from growth through formulation, testing and branded products. And it has a wide open pathway to assume a leading role in this industry.

The company has been able to use the momentum of the cannabis rush to leverage its early position and has what it takes to create a sustainable model. It has made multiple key acquisitions and negotiated major strategic partnerships in its bid to create a totally integrated production, formulation, and marketing and distribution company.

We are convinced that the Cannabis market holds untold opportunity at the moment and MYM Nutraceuticals’ time to shine has arrived.

Note: We can’t emphasize enough the fact that investors in MYM Nutraceuticals are getting in on a public company, which provides liquidity and a solid exit strategy. It also means that the company’s value is reflected in milestones in revenue, earnings and its potential measured against its peers.


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