How the Stock Market Has Done Under Trump Is Surprising: Michael Lewis

Well-known author Michael Lewis offers up some sharp words on how Trump has performed one year into the presidency. Lewis tells TheStreet that Trump did do something good in selecting Jerome Powell to lead the Federal Reserve.

How the stock market has performed during Trump’s first year in office has borderline shocked Michael Lewis.

“If you would have told me before the elections that he was going to get elected, and this is what would happen to the markets, I would have said lower — I would have never guessed the market would be where it is,” the well-known author told TheStreet in an interview. Lewis has some sharp words on how Trump has done while in office, but offers a dose of praise for his selection of Jerome Powell as next Fed chief.

“My fear with Trump was that he was going to debase the currency and get a hold of the Fed’s independence, but that doesn’t appear to be happening, and I feel good about that,” Lewis added.

heStreet’s feature series “Inside Trump’s First Year” looks at the biggest stories in business over the last year fueled by one of the most unpredictable presidents in history. Most importantly, TheStreet offers a glimpse into what could happen in 2018 on a range of issues — and stocks — in what will probably be an equally chaotic second year for Trump. Read more here 

Inside Trump’s First Year – TheStreet Special Report
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