WiFi woes: the difficulties of improving internet services

The Internet of Things (IoT) is going to require massive connectivity. That means enormous needs for infrastructure and support. It also means huge demand for new technology like the Wi-Fi solutions being offered by Edgewater Wireless Systems (TSX.V: YFI). This is a brilliant, emerging technology company with an early lead in the charge towards the IoT.

The coming revolution is bigger than anything you can imagine.

It’s about a radical change in the way technology interacts in real-time without human intervention. It is known as the Internet of Things or IoT, and it’s coming like a freight train right at us.

While it will affect nearly everything we see and do, it’s a slow revolution. That’s because core technologies take time to change and the systems being replaced represent a massive installed base of everything from HVAC systems, home appliances and cars to electric trains, building security and health diagnostics.

With this kind of growth potential, investors have to be asking, what are the key points to enter this impressive sector? Where can I find profits now?

There are technologies and companies ready to deliver big profits now that could lead to potentially much bigger ones in the future. Our review of the IoT market has revealed a company that’s at the focal point of one of the most important aspects of the coming infrastructure: Wi-Fi and connectivity.

Our research shows that Edgewater Wireless Systems is a little known company that’s been quietly developing breakthrough technology, filing patents and winning the accolades of industry peers with its revolutionary approach.

Key indicators set off the must-watch alerts when reviewing Edgewater Wireless Systems:

  • The company innovates technology that is a vital part of the IoT needs now and even more so for the future
  • The technology Edgewater is forwarding is covered by 20+ patents and offers solutions to Wi-Fi’s major limitations
  • Edgewater’s products are being endorsed by very large peers within the industry –even global standards organizations
  • The company has invested $60 million to date bringing its technology to market
  • Edgewater is launching with a Top 5, Fortune 500 retailer for the world’s largest Wi-Fi and IoT deployment
  • The company’s first licensing agreement of its patent was with Apple Inc.
  • Edgewater has been selected by the World Wireless Broadband Alliance to provide industry-leading product guidance

We rarely see a company at this early stage with this kind of strong investment base, high level of industry involvement, and yet remains so undervalued.

We urge our readers to learn more about the IoT and see why we think Edgewater Wireless Systems could become one of the best opportunities on the path to deployment of the connected world.

The Internet of Things is Already Here

Even if you don’t know it yet, the IoT is part of our day to day life.

It is, for lack of a better description, “the integration of people, processes and technology with connectable devices and sensors to enable remote monitoring, status, manipulation and evaluation of trends of such devices.” (1)

In other words, a totally connected world.

As envisioned, the IoT world will use a combination of hardware, software, data and services to connect all of our sensor-driven devices allowing them to operate together. The applications are nearly limitless including smart grids, homes, cities, transportation networks, healthcare devices, automobiles and many services and ideas not yet conceived.

Investors got pumped about the IoT several years ago, but have mostly tired of waiting for the smart tech to play catch up. The problem is that it takes time to build this infrastructure. That’s a big reason why Edgewater Wireless (TSX.V: YFI) is so attractive. They have managed to keep their eye on the ball and create technology for the next stage and beyond.

The IoT space will almost certainly produce several prodigies –companies that generate huge returns, simply by taking the first mover position.

We’re convinced that Edgewater Wireless is in that position with its solutions that align perfectly with current needs and the growth of the IoT.

The IoT Relies On Wi-Fi for Its Massive Growth

The leading research firm Gartner reports that there are some 3.8 billion connected things right now, but by 2020 the firm estimates there will be 25 billion smart devices.

Take a moment to consider just how many devices that really is.

John Chambers, the longtime leader of Cisco Systems forecasts 50 billion connected devices within five years. Total projected market value: $19 trillion.

Now consider that everywhere there is a connected device, there is a connection by Wi-Fi or other wireless. The numbers are almost mind numbing.

The bottom line is that the majority of these connections will rely on Wi-Fi to talk to one another and the networks that control them.

The Global market for Wi-Fi is already massive and the growth in connectivity just means even more Wi-Fi connections and traffic.

According to Cisco’s Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast, global mobile data traffic grew 63 percent in 2016 and global mobile data traffic reached 7.2 exabytes per month at the end of 2016, up from 4.4 exabytes per month at the end of 2015. (One exabyte is equivalent to one billion gigabytes, and one thousand petabytes.) (2)

Mobile data traffic has grown an astonishing 18-fold over the past 5 years. Mobile networks carried 400 petabytes per month in 2011.

It’s likely that you never even considered this market that is exploding right under our very noses. This is the fertile ground where Edgewater Wireless Systems (TSX.V: YFI) has staked its claim.

Edgewater Wireless Systems’ WiFi3™ Solves Big Problems

You may know nothing about Wi-Fi or connectivity, but you certainly know when you can’t get a connection on your smart phone, pad or notebook computer.

That is the problem that Edgewater Wireless overcomes with a revolutionary technology branded as WiFi3™.  It solves the three main issues that impact legacy Wi-Fi performance — interference, capacity and density.

Edgewater Wireless’ innovation involves using the same Wi-Fi, but delivering multiple channels per radio.

Think of conventional Wi-Fi as a kind of single lane highway. Your data can only move as fast as the traffic in front of you. Edgewater’s approach opens up the entire pathway using multiple radio channels to create a kind of multi-lane superhighway allowing for huge increases in traffic.

In high-density or high-interference applications, current WiFi based on a single-channel radio architecture slows dramatically causing mass slowing and drop out.

Edgewater’s innovative and patented multi-lane approach is designed to allow network vendors and operators to handle the exponential increase in connected devices and data demand in larger venues, public areas, large enterprises and in homes.

In industry peer testing, WiFi3™ was shown to deliver 20-40x greater performance vs. traditional Wi-Fi applied to high density applications. Perhaps just as important, the approach lowers network infrastructure costs by 30—50%. (3)

Edgewater Wireless Systems’ aera™ access point products powered by its patented Wi-Fi3™ technology is a big deal in Wi-Fi circles. This is the world’s first 6-Band Wi-Fi Router.

Edgewater Wireless not only developed the technology, they have protected their IP with 20+ patent filings centered on solving wireless interference.

Wi-Fi3™ and multi-channel architecture are simple reasons why Edgewater Wireless’ new technology can revolutionize Wi-Fi connectivity and move the company to a whole new level.

Not One, But Three Roads to Success

 Edgewater Wireless (TSX.V: YFI) is on track with its innovations to make headway in three profitable areas that will become pillars of the IoT.

  • High Density Wi-Fi Products and Solutions

Edgewater Wireless’ technology shines brightest in high density areas, like malls, conference centers, hotels, airports and stadiums. Its WiFi3™ and access point technology represent a total solution for these complex and expensive applications.

Just recently, Edgewater Wireless’ system was deployed at the world’s first stadium network powered by WiFi3™. The Wagener Stadium wireless network uses Edgewater Wireless aera™ access points powered by WiFi3™ and was installed in conjunction with the start of the 2017 European Hockey Championships.

The installed stadium, which is located in Amstelveen, Netherlands, holds an audience of 9,000 and now has wireless network capacity to connect over 2,000 premium guests and seamlessly provide WiFi service to stadium personnel and stadium operations.

This high density application is a perfect showcase for the WiFi3™ and aera™ product deployments. It is exactly the type of deployment that Edgewater Wireless is built to handle at locations around the world.

Who Is going to handle all that traffic? Major terminals and public venues are demanding greater access to Wi-Fi. Edgewater Wireless Systems’ WiFi3™ and connection point access can improve high density connectivity while reducing operating costs for vendors.

Edgewater estimates that the market for hi density Wi-Fi locations including stadium, concert, and public spaces is valued at $3.1 billion alone. This is a market just waiting to be tapped with a superior solution.

  • OEM and Licensing WiFi3™ Powered Products

The OEM and Licensing side of the company involves Wifi3™ powered radios, chips and software embedded into other manufacturers’ products.

This is a highly lucrative area for Edgewater Wireless Systems (TSX.V: YFI).

The company has had early successes in Small Cell, DAS and with a Top 5 retailer to deliver advanced products using wiFi3™. (4)

  • Patent Licensing

This may become one of the most important aspects of Edgewater Wireless’ business.

The company has a rich portfolio of 20+ patents that are applicable across numerous wireless technologies. These could be extremely valuable as the company seeks to license its technology to large and established companies that will use Edgewater’s innovations in new applications and other technology advances.

Companies already exploring the technology developed by Edgewater Wireless may become partners or distributors as well. Patent licensing can lead to relationships that companies the size of Edgewater Wireless can only dream of.

For example, Edgewater Wireless Systems very first patent transaction was with Apple Inc.

That speaks volumes about the type of technology that Edgewater Wireless is advancing.


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The Winners: Too Late For Mass Gains, But Good To Study

We compare some of the major companies that are responsible for developing and deploying the infrastructure of the IoT. You likely know most of these, since they are well established. These are large cap stocks with very deep pockets. They are investing heavily in the key technologies that will make up the IoT. Any one of these would be a likely partner to Edgewater Wireless, license the company’s patented technology or potentially see Edgewater Wireless as a worthwhile acquisition target.

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Our Recommendation: We Give YFI Our Strongest BUY Rating

Investors may have lost some of the enthusiasm for the IoT. But they would be remiss if they think the IoT has lost momentum. It is a sleeping giant.

Companies that build the IoT infrastructure are poised to become some of the icons of tomorrow… globally recognized brands that dominate the internet and make investors very wealthy as they enable this new future.

Could Edgewater Wireless Systems be one of these?

Edgewater Wireless plans to continue the adoption of WiFi3™. The company is also launching what is believed to be the worlds’ largest Wi-Fi and IoT deployment in conjunction with a Top 5, Fortune 500 Retailer.

Other plans include commercializing engagements with six MSOs and expanding its distributor and reseller network in key strategic markets.

Edgewater Wireless Systems’ patented WiFi3™ system can provide access up to 40x faster than conventional Wi-Fi in high density traffic locations like airports, convention centers and stadiums.

This new technology and the company’s other offerings set Edgewater Wireless apart from all others in this category.

Since spinning off its technology division as Edgewater Wireless Systems in 2012, the company has earned the leading position from industry peers, clients and industry organizations setting the standards for the technology and applications that will certainly make up the IoT.

We think that its’ achievements and endorsements show that the company is a success in the making. Other companies will have the chance to ratify that as Edgewater Wireless Systems has been selected to participate in the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) Accelerator being held at the 2017 Wireless Global Congress in New York City.

The WBA Accelerator is a platform to present to a seasoned panel of telecom industry specialists, investors, wireless experts and WBA Congress attendees including Bell, China Telecom, AT&T, Sprint and major technology manufacturers such as Nokia, Huawei, Google and Facebook.

We recommend putting Edgewater Wireless Systems (TSX.V: YFI) on your must-watch and must-own list, then follow their advances carefully. We expect there will be many.


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